everything you need to know about smart lighting
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Everything You Need to Know about Smart Lighting

Lighting systems are changing. Home automation has opened up the world of smart lighting. Offering more creative options than the traditional on/off light switch, it can set lighting schedules, dim your lights and even make lightbulbs multi-coloured.

Thanks to smart lighting, people are managing their lights in more varied ways, linking them in with home security and adding convenience to busy lives. Read on to discover the world of smart lighting…

What exactly is smart lighting?

Smart lighting refers to any system that allows you to control your lights remotely from your smartphone and/or digital assistants. That’s made possible because lighting is connected to the internet. In many cases, smart lighting technology is also able to make decisions and follow schedules. Above all else, it is lighting technology designed for energy efficiency.

Different types of smart lighting

Smart light bulbs

Smart light bulbs come in a range of sizes and types, from traditional bulbs to ceiling lights. You are able to control them individually or create a mood by grouping bulbs together. This can be done via an app or through voice activation with a digital assistant (Google, Alexa, Siri). Colour-changing bulbs are also becoming particularly common in smart homes. The range of colours can offer a party in the living room and a calm, relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom. Philips Hue White and Colour Ambience bulbs or Hive Active Lighting bulbs are two of the most popular, multi-optional, coloured lightbulbs.

Smart light switches

Switches are a popular choice for many. They offer the option to dim your lights or set timers for your home’s lighting to help conserve energy as well as keep to your schedule. Connected to your Wi-Fi, they work with pretty much any light fixture, making them a cost-effective choice.

Smart outdoor lights

Either using motion sensors or being controlled from your smartphone, types of outdoor lights include flood lights, wall lights, spotlights and garden lamps. Some may also have ambient light sensors which will activate when the sun goes down.

Other smart lighting options

It’s also possible to integrate more specific products like smart light bars and light strips which can create a pleasing look to areas such as behind your TV or over your desk.

Benefits of smart lighting

  • Easy controls – by using a simple app, you have the controls of your lighting at your fingertips. And if you use a voice activation assistant such as Alexa or Google, you won’t even need to use your fingertips!
  • Energy Saving – smart bulbs are LED and use far less energy than traditional light bulbs, making them much more cost-effective.
  • Better security – being able to control your lights from wherever you are can help make your home look occupied if you need it to. In turn, that can make any opportunistic thieves think again.
  • User convenience – You will have all the control you need over your lighting. This allows you to experiment with different settings, set timers, save electricity and have your lighting preferences in every room.

Maximising your quality of life with Hometec Systems

Based in Nottingham, Hometec Systems have been working to create customers’ dream smart homes for over 18 years. Knowing how to maximise your quality of life with cutting-edge technology is what our specialists do best.

If you would like to discuss how efficiency, convenience, and enjoyment can be added to your home through smart light installation, contact our team today.

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